Using search engine optimization for local lead generation

Local lead generation

There are many different ways that you can use SCO to rank sites. A lot of people like to use it on a national level to rank websites for affiliate terms so that they can become affiliate marketers. We think that the easiest and best way to do search engine optimization is to build up sites in local niches and capitalize off those. It is a lot easier to make a lot more money faster doing search engine optimization this way. It’s good to know this stuff but if you can’t make money at it then you might as well not do SEO.

Why to set up websites on a local level

  1.  Much easier to do-when you are dealing with search engine optimization on a website that you were trying to write nationally, it is going to take a very long time and a lot of patience.  Plus that is something you’re going to have to tend to hours every single day to rank. If you are not putting those hours in then you are not going to rank a site for a national affiliate term. It is a lot easier to rank a website on a local level because there is little to no competition. There still is quite a bit of competition, but if you think about it  none of your competition knows what you know about search engine optimization because you are dealing with small business owners. When you’re trying to rank a website on a national level, you are dealing with other marketers who are on top of their game as well.
  2. provides very sustainable residual income-if you are looking for one way to create passive income, then setting up lead generation websites is the way to go.  The concept is simple-you create a website that generates leads and then you forward those leads to a business owner and ask for a monthly retainer fee on those phone calls. You are making them a lot of money by doing this so they are not going to say no to you. All you have to do from there is continue to stack  and scale from there. Each website you build and get a client for, you are further building your what we like to call mailbox money. This is money that is going to come in every month guaranteed whether you pay attention to it or not.  Residual income has a lot of great perks. It allows you to travel and live the life that you want. You could build out 100 of these websites and retire. Obviously you will want to invest your money and other things because this may not last forever.
  3.  You’re helping people-when you go up to a business owner and you give him phone calls from a website that you build, you are making that business owner money. In some cases you could even save a small business by getting them the people they need to talk to. Sometimes that’s all it is in business is getting leads to sell your product too. And that is where you as  A local lead generation expert come in. You will change peoples lives with this product and that is another reason why it is such a good idea.

if you were looking for a perfect example of what a good lead generation website set up looks like, then we definitely recommend that you check out

More in-depth search engine optimization techniques

Advanced seo processes

In the last article that we shared with you guys we were talking with you about some very in-depth search engine optimization techniques that you could use on your website to get it ranked on the first page of Google. Those are very good techniques but they can run you a lot of money and time. A good private blog network will run you anywhere from $3000-$10,000 to build plus hours and hours of your time.  And if you do not want to spend your time you will just end up spending a lot more money paying people to write all the content for them. Managing a blog network can be very stressful because it is a lot to handle at one time.  What goes for guest posting is that they are very expensive to get. Very high-quality guess post is honestly going to run you about $300. They are very high-quality and extremely powerful but they can get extremely expensive as well.   This post we are going to be teaching you about things you can do that are for free that can really put an impact on your website after you have done them for a while. They are less powerful techniques but they still work extremely well and they are good especially if you’re on a budget.

More in-depth techniques

Blog commenting-blood commenting is actually one of the best ways to get a website to the first page of Google because you can do such a mass quantity of them and they’re very easy to do. Just beware that bitch could eat up a lot of your time but it is definitely worth it if you are willing to invest that time.  Commenting is where you find blogs that are in the same niche or industry that your website is about and then you comment on posts inside that blog to hopefully be able to get to post a link from your website that is clickable. That is actually very good. This is not a post from a blog that is dedicated about your website so the link is not going to be super powerful but enough of them will do the job. What we recommend that you do it this is that you do 5 to 10 a day until it pushes you literally all the way to the top in Google for your search term results. You could honestly rank a website by just doing this. It would take a lot of time and effort, but if you were short on cash it would be a great way for you to go.

The copycat way-this method is where you go to other high authority sites to see what kind of back links they are getting and then putting those on your website as well. You want to find a high authority website set a ranking for extremely competitive niches like DUI attorney or cosmetic dentist.  What you want to do is look for websites that are ranking number one for their search term and have a very small amount of back links to do so. This way you can gauge that if these back links are working for those people in such a high and competitive niche, then they could definitely work for you as well. It is somewhat time-consuming and hard to find a good link to use, but we definitely recommended that you take your time to do this.  Do you want to aim for one of these a day  until you are ranked the number one search result.  Best tool you can use to find back links on the website is by using SEM rush.  This is a subscription service that gives you backside reports of any website you want to look up. It’s about $68 a month and it is the best investment you could ever make when it comes to search engine optimization.

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In depth seo tips and practices for ranking your website

Advanced SEo tactics

In today’s post we are going to be talking to you guys about how to rank a website using in-depth back and S EO practices. These are ones that are a lot more complicated then on page search engine optimization. It was very in-depth and these are the true secrets to ranking website.    Below we are going to explain to you in depth about all of them.

Advanced SEO tactics

  • private blog network-otherwise known as a PBN, a private blog network  is the network of expired domains that were once really powerful that you’re going to rebuild blogs on and point to the site you want to rank. Think of Google as getting a bunch of votes from other sites and whoever has the most votes get selected to be the number one search results on Google. Think of these as high-quality boats. Because there’s a lot of other people that have a lot of black links  but they are terrible ones and they are no follow links. These are all do follow links which are the most powerful you can get. When you are looking for expired domains to build up on your private blog network, you want to look for ones with the trust flow of at least 20 above and a domain authority of the same. This is crucial as you want to be pointing A lesser number of high powered links versus a greater number of low powered links.  You want to be able to do this with as little links as you possibly can because if you have too many, Google is going to find out and then blacklist your site. It is very simple to build up a private blog network. All you do is go in and set up word press on the blog and then write what the blog used to be previously about. You’re going to want to write about 5 to 10 posts and link out to 3 to 5  hi authority sites before you link to your money site. This makes it look like you were just sliding in one last link and it looks natural. You want to drip each link to your money site with a 1 to 3 day period in between.   It’s that simple and there’s not much more to it.
  •  Guest posting-this is another way to get really high quality wings and probably the most powerful way. A guest post is a link that is due follow from a higher authority blog that gets a bunch of traffic. The only downside of having your own private blog network is that most of the time all of the blogs are never going to get any website traffic. Google picks up on the high traffic blogs a lot faster and  looks at those as higher authority links because they get a lot of Internet traffic. You could honestly rank a website without using your own private blogs and completely doing guest posts. Guest posting is the service that is easy to get your hands on buddies going to be expensive. A high-quality guest post will run you anywhere from $50-$500. The more expensive and better ones you can get the better.  For example, if you got a guest post from Forbes you would be rocking and rolling because that is an extremely high authority guest post and one of the best you could ever get. You could get a couple of posts like that one and completely rank your side on the top because those are the most high authority websites on the whole Internet.

Those of the two secrets to ranking a website on the first page of Google and if you follow those, you are definitely going to rank on top. It’s good to enter twine these together and get a total of at least 10 links and keep pointing as you go until you are ranked number one. And then intertwined those with press release services which is  A service that gives you 400 high-quality back links from high-quality news websites and get you in Google and Yahoo news. We will be making a future post on things like press releases and other minor SCO tactics.

We really recommend that you check out to get their take on SCO as well .

The fundamentals of search engine optimization

On page seo

Welcome back everybody and today we want to talk to you guys about the basics and the fundamentals of search engine optimization. There is quite a bit of information that you can learn about  ranking a website and it goes very in depth. Our goal today is to just teach you the basics and the foundation of search engine optimization. In later posts we will be going into the in-depth backside strategies on what is actually extremely powerful. So today we will be teaching you the foundation which is on page SEO for your website.

There are a few different factors that go into on site search engine optimization and we will share those with you below.

On page SEO strategies

  • Content-  this is perhaps the most important factor that plays into great on site search engine optimization. Content is the core foundation of everything that has to do with SEO.  Think of content as your base foundation when it comes to anything. The number one thing that Google looks for in a website is original and authoritative content that is directly about this subject that people are searching for. So for  example, if people are searching for the term roofing in Sacramento, then Google is going to be looking for the site that is all about the industry roofing in the city of Sacramento. So if you have a competitor that only has 500 words on his website and your website has  10,000, and it is very in depth about roofing, you will surely be the one who ranks on top. Obviously there is much more that goes into making a website, but content is key.   Google wants to know that the websites that are showing up for the search terms are indeed about that subject. If google did not organize websites, then nothing would make sense. You would have websites about photography  ranking for terms like fishing.
  • Correct Image Placement-  The next thing is placing the images in the correct places. What we mean by this is gathering images that are relevant to the subject you are writing about. So if you are writing a website that is all about fishing, then you’re going to want to grab pictures that are solely dedicated to fishing.  What we mean by correct placement is putting the correct alt tags as well. This means naming your pictures to the search terms and then putting that name as the alt tag. That is a very important thing to do because Google does not recognize images by what they look like. Google identifies an image by the text file that is associated with it. You want the text file to say the image is about fishing not riding bikes.
  •  Meta-description–  The meta-description is what you say about the site in the meta-area. This means that when people look up on the Google search results this is what they see as the  short description of the site.  This means that if your site is about roofing, it is going to say something like best roofing contractors in Sacramento California, click here for reviews and prices.  You have a strong meta-description like that, Google is going to strongly recognize it.

Those are the three factors that go into perfect on site search engine optimization. If you have these three things locked in, then you are going to soar above your competitors. We say this because most people don’t even focus on any of these things.  All they do is grab a relevant URL and then throw some pictures and an about section and they think that is good enough. You want to make sure that you are putting a lot of detail on your website to begin with.

Please take some time to look at this video that explains on page SEO to get a more visual aspect of what we are talking about. And check out

Intro to SEO


Hello everybody and welcome to the blog that is all about Search engine optimization and website design. This is going to be a blog that is dedicated to showing you those two subjects. We are going to be teaching you the different tips and tricks that we know on how to rank websites. We will take you through very in-depth walk-throughs that have videos and step-by-step tutorials of how to execute these strategies that we are going to be teaching you.  These are very simple strategies that you can learn on how to rank local websites on the first page of Google. This is a great skill to have because it is one you can make a lot of money from. You can use the search engine optimization for all types of uses. You can rank niche websites on a national level or smaller on a local level as well. There are so many different things that you can do with SEO and we recommend that you learn today.

You will also see posts in this blog that are about how to design beautiful and stunning looking websites as well. After you go through our tutorials, you’re going to be able to create the best websites that your friends and family have ever seen. So if you’re looking for the best blog that is dedicated to teaching you these things then you have definitely come to the right place. We will be posting more content soon so make sure to stay posted and tune in on a daily basis to catch all of the search engine optimization news.

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